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Re: [videoblogging] Re: deeplinking considered n/a

By Ryan Shaw | Ryan Shaw <ryanshaw@...> | ryan_b_shaw
June 27, 2004 | Post #173 | Topic #140

Andreas Haugstrup wrote: > Movies aren't hypertexts. The movies we're making now aren't > hypermedia either. They are dead ends on the world wide web and as > you say: Alone they have no context. > > The context is provided in the videoblog entry. The HTML page that > describes the video and either displays a video window or has a link > to the video file. There's another possibility, I think, though it is not currently well supported by either production or consumption tools: embed the context in video metadata. Then you can set the file free from the confines of your HTML page (as is bound to happen anyway if the file gets popular) and have some confidence that the context of its creation is not totally lost. This doesn't totally address the issue of presentation, though. I would be wary of looking to copyright law for solutions--in my country, at least, copyright law appears to be broken beyond repair. I like the idea of establishing etiquette, as Peter has suggested. Social norms can be quite powerful. But will they scale as videoblogging goes mainstream? Past experience with email, mailing lists, etc. seems to indicate no... Ryan