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Re: [videoblogging] Re: Hello from Blogumentary

By Jay Dedman | Jay Dedman <jay@...> |
July 26, 2004 | Post #414 | Topic #408

if i understand correctly, i would love a tool that separated my video postrs from my text posts in my archives. though I love the format of blogs(linear, diary updates which is a way of unfolding a atory), my videos get lost in the archives. i dont know how this would be done, but i'd like this to happen somehow. Quoting petertheman <peter@...>: > > > Of course I have dozens of other little clips floating > > around in various posts. I'm hurting for a tool to > > organize and catalog all of this video, without being > > too time consuming. Maybe if I read the archives > > you've already solved this problem. :-) > > Interesting. Are others hurting for this particular tool? I imagine > something like a service that parses your (existing, so no work for > you) RSS feed, catches movies in it (or in the posts referenced) and > turns it into a variety of playlists/... that you can then put on > your website. Comments? > > Peter > > > > > > Yahoo! Groups Links > > > > > -- Jay Dedman Manhattan Neighborhood Network 537 West 59th NY NY 10019 212 757 2670 ext.312 http://www.mnn.org