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Re: [videoblogging] Re: Money Changers, out! (was: reality check?)

By Jack Nelson | Jack Nelson <jack@...> | mexiculture
July 17, 2005 | Post #17244 | Topic #16672

On Jul 17, 2005, at 10:40 AM, ryanne hodson wrote: > money is good > money is bad amen. > > i think i am one of the first videobloggers to have gotten sponsorship > in april. > flat out money to make my videoblog > of course i chose to contribute to more than that, (how could i > possibly feel ok getting paid to just put videos of my vacation up? > [ok i guess i do more than that]) good for you. And yes you're contributing more than just vacation vids > money is always kinda weird. > but i agree that we should take control of some commerce to help > sustain. > > will money dictate content? > i get scared that it will. > > hopefully it will not. > we need money to eat and do the things we want to do. > is this the way? > probably. > is it freaking me out? > um, yeah totally. This is a good discussion. In the end it's a personal decision. For some the primary reason for the vlog will be money. There will be (already are?) purely commercial vlogs. Others will have tip jars or sponsors and others will be purely "amateur". I don't see an intrinsic problems with any of these approaches as long as there is an opportunity for all. I'm new to the vlog scene, but had a commercial web site for years for my tour business. I never included ads on the site, even though I was approached, because I don't like the TV/ad model. I felt that my site was not a "portal" but a way to create business for my tour company. And frankly a portal requires a lot more work and a different kind of work than I was willing to do. Will I accept money for my vlogs? Probably not (although you're free to offer!). They are personal sites; a way for me to satisfy my need to create. I have a business that supports me and my family and as of now I'm happy with that and not anxious to find a new source of income. And honestly I doubt very much any of my stuff would attract donors/sponsors. My two centavos worth, Jack