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Re: [videoblogging] Re: QT Pro Export and Adobe Premiere

By Shannon Noble | Shannon Noble <sn@...> | sh7nnon
October 30, 2004 | Post #1613 | Topic #1552

On 10/30/04 2:33 PM, "Andreas Haugstrup" <videoblog@...> wrote: > I tried both Motion JPEG A and B (is that what I was supposed to do?). > Same result: Export goes fine, but Premiere won't recognize the file type. Motion JPEG A/B is different then "photo-jpeg". Look for an export for "PHOTO- JPEG". Try that and let me know. .s > >> What file size is your camera shooting? 320x240 off of a digital still >> camera that shoots mpeg video also? > > It can do both 320x240 at 24 frames per second or 640x480 at 12 frames per > second. The clip I'm working with is 320x240 at 24 frames per second (for > now. I'll probably lower it to 15 fps later). The camera is a Kodak DX > 7440. I wish the world was all PAL.