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Re: [videoblogging] Re: Taking my videos down (Freeplay Music discussion)

By duncan speakman | duncan speakman <duncan.kleindesign@...> | kleindesign
August 6, 2005 | Post #19103 | Topic #19008

> yesterday, I was unpacking some boxes and I ran into a classic CD. > I = thought "Hey! I'd like to listen to this." > Then it hit me: Why bother?= > The same amount of time would be better spent finding something new on = the > archive. then i guess it wasn;t such a classic CD!! i know what you= 're getting at markus, but some stuff deserves repeated listening/watching,= i've watched some vlogs more than once, and i think some of them have left= such a lasting impression that i hope i will return to them in the future.= For me, great works in any medium can give you a feeling or an experience = that is completely unique, and that is worth going through again. One major= risk with the amount (explosion?) of stuff being created at the moment is = that it all becomes too disposable, and we rush on to the next thing, never= giving things enought time to grow on us.. never letting stuff breathe, d=