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Re: [videoblogging] Re: The INternet of Video

By Shannon Noble | Shannon Noble <sn@...> | sh7nnon
September 16, 2004 | Post #1208 | Topic #1159

On 9/16/04 2:37 AM, "Eric Rice" <eric@...> wrote: > Indie Media and Corporate Media can co-exist the same way that a > bed-and-breakfast on the California Coast does not compete with the > Hilton. > Eric Well sort of. Too be inclusive there are other issues to be concerned about. As the airwaves of the U.S. are considered to be owned by the public, I'm not sure how that works with the Internet. Media is a huge profit making business for the big media corporations. The manners in which they dominate are many. Consider the work of the FCC, Michael Powell (son of Colin Powell) who heads the FCC, and the Bush Administration. At this time the fines for "indecency" are being applied at a much higher pace with the largest fines ever. They are fines applied across the board. For Viacom to take a $500,000 fine for some such infraction is minor compared to a small operation, which can be put out of business. Would you not think this is being considered or watched on the Internet? Are ways of containing and undermining freedom of expression not under consideration by these people? Blogs are influencing airwave news reports more and more often. When the chatter on a topic gets passed around that would normally be ignored on the mainstream media news it has, in some cases, forced the TV/Radio to comply and report, at least in their own swayed manner. If Bush is elected dictator then I can gather that as the power of the Internet grows to influence the free thinking of people, then you will begin to see more methods of control being considered in this battle. There are implications to consider, ways to stifle dissent. One of the lucky things about the Internet has been its international scope. How long will that last? So far we've been kind of lucky. I would hope that we could hold onto that. I'm not being very complete here at all...I'm at work...coming to a close on a stupid puppet movie (never thought I'd be doing puppet porn). http://www.apple.com/trailers/paramount/team_america/ --This is Vlog: http://x.nnon.tv/