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Re: [videoblogging] Re: VIDEO COMMENTS

By Jay Dedman | Jay Dedman <jay@...> |
September 3, 2004 | Post #1096 | Topic #950

> But it needs to be done right from the start. The videofiles would have to > stand on their own (that's where the most likely problem is) and not be a > part of an HTML page. You can't tell the difference between an HTML page > with only text and an HTML page with a video (they have the same URL), so > both would get listed as a text comment and it would not be possible to > make a video playlist. > > If it gets done right it would rock. see, i think i understand this pingback system, but not really. id have to see it to really get it. Plus you need to educate me more so i can go to Typepad with our request for pingbacks. dont i send a pingback to http://videoblogging.info when i make a video? tell me excatly what do i ask for...and ill work on them. > Sure thing. I started on this today. Should be done before the weekend > ends. Unless I spend all my time making videos for the open-media people. > ;o) good. your work is really giving us the concreteness we need. next week, hopefully we can test your pingback system and be the first ones to use http://open-media.org -- Jay Dedman Manhattan Neighborhood Network 537 West 59th NY NY 10019 212 757 2670 ext.312 http://www.mnn.org