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Re: [videoblogging] riposte :-)

By kenyatta cheese | kenyatta cheese <minitrue@...> | yattacheese
October 27, 2004 | Post #1519 | Topic #1511

That was fun, Adrian. Great work. I was working on a video entry with timed HREF tracks this past weekend as well. Haven't posted it yet. Assembling it in QuickTime Player and a text editor is a pain in the ass. I'll take a look at the textation app you referenced. I kinda got held up trying to figure out the most user-friendly way to place the links in the video. How long do I leave each link up on screen? Should URLs auto launch? What happens if the viewer clicks away from the video? Do I pause the movie and wait for focus to come back to me? Do I need to provide a list of links at the end of the video, just in case they missed one? Blah blah blah, meow meow meow. If anyone else wants to try it, here's some of the documentation I picked up along the way: http://www.apple.com/quicktime/tools_tips/tutorials/hreftracks.html http://www.quicktiming.org/tutorials/qt_web2.php http://web.uvic.ca/akeller/pw408/ht_qt_HREF.html Like I said, it's a pain. It might be easier to wait for Adrian's tutorial. -kc.