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Re: [videoblogging] RocketBoomSucks

By Alia K | Alia K <AliaK@...> | aliak00
November 19, 2004 | Post #1859 | Topic #1830

I checked out the rocketboom site and watched a couple of the videos, and thought they were ok, but there was nothing there to make me want to come back each day as the news was very similar to what I get via the maillists/newsfeeds I scan through anyway. I guess I prefer the more personalised or art-based sites. atm I'm still exploring some of the sites people have been mentioning on this list as I've been offline for a few weeks. I like to see the different techniques people use and how they express their creativity. I've taken a few short videos but haven't had a chance to edit/upload, so I shouldn't really comment until I've tried it myself I suppose. when you say you're going to do it full time do you mean to make a living out of it - is that a viable option atm? or do you mean you're comitted to making the shows each day rain or shine. and are you hoping to create a community site with repeat visitors and people who become part of the project or, are you happy for it to be a project you upload and go for the random visitors who not necessarily come back (or perhaps a bit of both?). great enthusiasm though, good luck with the project :) cheers Kath