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Re: [videoblogging] RSS question

By Andreas Haugstrup | "Andreas Haugstrup" <videoblog@...> | andreashaugstrup
October 20, 2004 | Post #1444 | Topic #1429

On Tue, 19 Oct 2004 00:58:19 -0400, Jay dedman <jay.dedman@...> wrote: > I'm having some trouble figuring out RSS. I'm using > cafelog.com's B2 logware. I can't answer the specific question, but you may want to try out Wordpress instead of B2. B2 is not being developed anymore - Wordpress is the blog tool that started where B2 left off. The B2 creator is working as a part of the Wordpress team now. Check it out at <URL:http://wordpress.org/&gt; > Also, a conceptual question... how do RSSs, > Trackbacks, Pings and Permalinks inter-relate? > Thanks. Permalinks simply assign a permanent address to a resource. Your blog's front page will have the most recent five entries for example, but those five entries will be pushed off the front page quickly. Therefore you don't want people to link to your front page, but to the permanent address for the individual post. They link to each entry's permalink instead of the front page. RSS and Pings both have the same goal: To let someone (person or a service) know that you've updated your website. They work differently though. With RSS the service who wants to know whether you've updated has to check an URL with regular intervals to see if there are any updates. With pings (not pingbacks!) you send off a notice to the service every time you update. Generally speaking RSS is good when many has to check if one has updated, and pings are good when one has to check if many have updated. Trackbacks and pingbacks each solve mostly the same problem: To show that one resource have a relation to another. Think of them as remote comments. If you create a blog entry where you link to one of my entries you send off a trackback/pingback when you publish your entry. The trackback/pingback simply lets my blog know that you have written an entry that relates to one of mine. Then my blog system adds a link to your blog entry in the list of comments. Trackbacks have a side goal also. To let a site know that you've updated with some information. Where pings generally just lets us know that a whole site has updated trackbacks should only be sent where you have a specific relation to the service you send the trackback to. The difference is very minor to me, but this is how trackbacks are used on videoblogging.info. I hope it helps. - Andreas -- Personal: <http://www.solitude.dk&gt; File Thingie - PHP File Manager <http://www.solitude.dk/filethingie/&gt;