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Re: [videoblogging] second attempt

By Steve Garfield | Steve Garfield <steve@...> | sgarfield
August 26, 2004 | Post #940 | Topic #939

Looks great on a Mac running OS X and Safari. I'd like to see a progress i= ndicator so I know who long it is, and also to be able to move the playhea= d around. --Steve On Aug 26, 2004, at 9:52 AM, Deirdr=E9 Straughan wrote:= > In my ongoing crusade to understand how to format video for the widest = > possible market, I've put up the same video on my blog > http://deirdres.= typepad.com/deirdrestraughan/ , this time in SWF > format. Please let me kn= ow your results. > --------- [ Web Sites ] --------- Steve Garfield Vide= o Production http://stevegarfield.com Video Blog http://stevegarfield.blog= s.com/videoblog/ Weblog: Off On A Tangent http://offonatangent.blogspot.co= m/