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Re: [videoblogging] Taking my videos down (Freeplay Music discussion)

By R. Kristiansen | "R. Kristiansen" <raymondmk@...> | admnory
August 5, 2005 | Post #19009 | Topic #19008

I have admin status on the IA and can "make dark". Send me your list of mov= ies off-list (raymondmk at gmail dot com) and I will make the files invisib= le from the IA. The nodes on Ourmedia you can delete yourself by going to t= he node and clicking edit whereafter you click delete. We at Ourmedia hope= to make it easier for people to make content 'go dark'. The reason we do i= t like this, btw, is that it is safer for us to just make the files not ava= ilable than to physically delete them. I have been contacted by others who= hosted "FreePlay" music on IA and want it taken down after they heard abou= t the FreePlay policy, so I guess your message to this group regarding this= has been very helpful to a lot of people, Erin. Best, Raymond M. Kristi= ansen moderator, ourmedia.org On 8/5/05, Erin Nealey <schmee@...> wrot= e: > > > From: Stephanie Bryant <mortaine@...> > Date: Thu Aug 4, 2005 9= :50 am > Subject: Re: [videoblogging] Re: Freeplay Music: Warning > > Erin= , this whole discussion has really helped me, actually. I am not a > Freepl= ay Music user. If I were, at this point I would consider such a > letter to= be a Cease & Desist order, take down the offending music, > and let them t= ake me to court if they really needed the $200. > > ------------ > > Hey = all, > > I hate to be keeping this discussion lingering around but wanted = to > let everyone know what's going on. In regards to what Stephanie wrote,= > and what others have said on and off list to me.. I've started to > wond= er if maybe I am being too apologetic about this whole thing. > (Truth is, = I've always been that way, and am quick to take blame and > apologize for t= hings in order to keep peace and avoid confrontation). > > Anyway, after t= alking extensively with my husband about this.. we have > decided not to pa= y the entire amount to Freeplay Music. To be fair, I > am going to offer to= pay for the music as if it were pro-rated for a > year. This afternoon, I = will be taking down all my videos containing > complete selections of Freep= lay Music (6 in total). They will still > be on the archive, but I will be= requesting they be removed from there > as well. Anyone know who best to c= ontact at IA to do this? Could IA > get in trouble as well for continuing t= o host them? I would hate for > that to happen. > > I keep wrestling with = myself as to if I am doing the right thing or > not... but I have heard fro= m more people who are of the opinion that I > should not pay. I would gladl= y pay the money if 1)they didn't make it > so easy for people to make a mis= take. You don't even have to read the > terms in order to download the musi= c. Even when you do read the terms, > anyone could make the mistake of read= ing "Private Non-Commercial Use > (Non-revenue generating or associated)" a= nd stop there, thinking they > were safe. In my opinion, a much better way = of making sure people > weren't abusing this is to have someone register on= the site and have > them actually check a box that says they "agree" to te= rms. 2)The name, > in and of itself, is misleading. For most ways this musi= c is used, it > isn't free at all. You see the name "Freeplay Music" and ca= n > immediately start downloading. Not a great idea if you ask me. > > Any= way, not that anyone will probably care... but a lot of my most > recent vi= deos will exist no more. I will probably try and fix them and > eventually = re-vlog them, but I'd rather be focused on posting some new > content for n= ow. > > If someone from IA can get in touch with me off list... I can give= you > the list of videos I need to have removed. Sorry if this is a hassle= . > I just don't want anyone else to get in trouble. > > Erin Nealey > Mom= 's Brag Vlog > nealey.blogspot.com > > > > > > > > > > Yahoo! Grou= ps Links > > > > > > >