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Re: [videoblogging] The INternet of Video

By Adrian Miles | Adrian Miles <adrian.miles@...> | adrianlmiles
September 15, 2004 | Post #1187 | Topic #1159

On 16/09/2004, at 12:05 AM, Steve Garfield wrote: > I'm lost. > > Why do his words upset you? > > Shouldn't we be happy that he's talking about the same things we are > talking about? > yes and no. Yes but then insert the comments into the places where people can find out more. No, because I'm buried in work and don't have time to finish a vog and so am feeling grumpy, so what I said is to be taken with that mood in mind. And yes he's talking about similar stuff, but sometimes I get frustrated (like you). I've been advocating this for ages, I'm developing an entire curriculum around it, and so on. So when someone comes along and says, "gee whiz, i think this is going to happen" and there are people who have been exploring this for 3 years, I feel a bit like the Aborigines must have felt when a white man apparently 'discovered' where they lived. cheers Adrian Miles +++++++++++++++++++++ http://hypertext.rmit.edu.au/vog/vlog/