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Re: [videoblogging] Two Choices: Windows Media or QuickTime

By M. Sean Gilligan | "M. Sean Gilligan" <seanlist@...> | M_Sean_Gilligan
August 19, 2004 | Post #774 | Topic #770

>I love Bill Murray. Me too, he's made some great movies (and a few stinkers http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120483/) > >I like how you have a choice between Windows Media or QuickTime ( no >real ), and then a choice of movie size. Actually, you must have chosen QuickTime. If you choose Windows Media, then you get another set of choices: Player: Windows or Real? Speed: Dial-up 28K, Dial-up 56K, ISDN 100K, or DSL/Cable/LAN/300K It looks like they're using progressive download for QT and streaming for RM and WM. I think "Small, Medium, Large, FullScreen" is probably more user-friendly than specifying the connection type/speed. -- Sean -- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- M. Sean Gilligan : 831-466-9788 x11 Catalla Systems, Inc. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------