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Re: [videoblogging] Uniqueness of Video Blogging

By Jay dedman | Jay dedman <jay.dedman@...> | kinshasa2000
November 18, 2004 | Post #1812 | Topic #1809

> -- blogging in most cases appears as a personal, journal type medium, > but a variety of group, or community, elements seem to have emerged as > secondary elements (feedback comments, blog roll, track back, ping, > etc.). I'm not sure if any of these are specifically impacted by > video, but I have noted the attempts by several people to create > individual video clips and have them linked together to produce one > longer video feed. This attempt feels like a search for another > community element to be added to the toolkit. First, I agree with Randy. video is just much more intimate....faces tell us everything. i lie through teeth here...but if you see me speak...youll know everything. but what you said above is important. videoblogging seems to be best when its personal. it feels uncomfortable to make..but i get the most compliments when im revealing...with style of course. and our group does seem to want to build togther...becasue a single videoblog is lonely. david Balcom sent me a great email last week where he noticed something similar to you: "You didn't mention blogs in your post, but I know your posse have adopted the videoblogger moniker, so just wanted to comment on that: this system isn't a blogging system, right? You're moving past the one-to-many world of blogging and into a collaborative shared space, more wiki in nature but with a more directed voice. I think you're outgrowing blogging as a term -- I think the fun of collaborative video is dialogue, not monologue. But that's just me." id like to work more in a video wiki than just a single blog. id like a threaded video conversation. and soon we can thanks to kenyatta cheese...check out this future tool: http://kenyattacheese.net/projects/vogbrowser/ isnt it awesome? an RSS feed will shoot in videos...you click on each one...the text pops up and the video plays... why do i want to make video together? becasue i want to talk to you, not to myself. i learn from people in this gorup by watching their videos and who they are and how they act in their videos.