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Re: [videoblogging] vBlog Central

By M. Sean Gilligan | "M. Sean Gilligan" <seanlist@...> | M_Sean_Gilligan
August 5, 2004 | Post #552 | Topic #373

> >definitely need progressive streaming for QT. :-) wouldn't consider it >otherwise. I think vBlog Central is going to make progressive/psuedo/HTTP streaming the default as most vbloggers (at least the ones I've asked) seem to prefer that method. (My threats about starting a pro/con discussion on this list are not idle, but I'd like to start the discussion with a sincere attempt at covering all the pros/cons that I already know about, thus it will have to wait...) -- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- M. Sean Gilligan : 831-466-9788 x11 Catalla Systems, Inc. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------