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Re: [videoblogging] vogfeed

By kenyatta cheese | kenyatta cheese <minitrue@...> | yattacheese
October 27, 2004 | Post #1520 | Topic #1469

Hold up a sec, Andreas. Before you start gracing the other lists with your charm, check out Lucas' post. He makes a really good point: <snip> > Lucas Gonze wrote: > > It seems to me that these metadata issues are approachable but nobody has > taken responsibility for getting a finished solution all the way to the > finish line. > > I wouldn't approach it as a thing about presenting a solution to various > groups, because the cat herd doesn't respond well to such an open ended > situation. Getting buy-in is half the project, doing a good job in > factoring the problem is the other half. A traditional way to deal with > this is to invite the people you need buy-in from to help with the > factoring -- make an ad-hoc working group, in other words. </snip> A standard is a standard when a bunch of people get together and call it one. Should we help Andreas put it together into a tidy bundle before it's sent out into the world? What does everyone think? -kc. > > On Tue, 26 Oct 2004 10:42:33 -0400, Joshua Kinberg <jkinberg@...> > wrote: > >> What would really help would be something in the authoring interface >> that allows users to "add enclosure" by either uploading a file or >> entering a URL. Then it would write the HTML for them to copy and >> paste into their blog entry. > > Yes, that's imperative. People like me who handwrite everything in their > blogs would have no problems adding a simple rel="enclosure" to their > enclosure-links. Generally those who are stupid enough (like me) to > handwrite each page also care enough about their HTML to write it well. > > But everyone else (the 98% who use software) need to have these options as > a part of their normal authoring process. There must be an option when > they upload files to use in an entry, and an option when they are creating > links in general. > > Like when you upload a photo in Moveable Type you can choose if you want > to have it generate code for an embedded image or for a pop-up image. > That's one place where you should be able to choose if the file you > uploaded is an enclose, alternate version or just a normal file. (Moveable > Type is the only recent blogging software I have direct experience with, > and that experience is pretty much limited to adding an entry). > >> I'd be happy to work on a MovableType plugin to look for >> 'rel="enclosure"' in the blog entry and add an enclosure to the RSS >> feed. I think it could be done rather quickly by modifying Brandon >> Fuller's MT-Enclosures plugin. Not sure how to extend the MT authoring >> interface, but could figure it out I'm sure. > > That would be so very cool. Hopefully it could set a precedence for other > blogging software to follow. I will try to find a Wordpress developer > mailing list (or something like that). Kenyatta mentioned an iPodder dev. > list. I must find that also. > > - Andreas