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Re: [videoblogging] where to find media feeds

By Rick B. Rey | "Rick B. Rey" <rick@...> | vivarey
October 15, 2004 | Post #1384 | Topic #1376

> It's not there for a reason. The <link rel="alternate" describes an > alternate version of the page you're on. The Recent Video feed is not an > alternate version of the front page of videoblogging.info and thus it > shouldn't have such a link-element. Hi Andreas, Thanks for your reply. I was thinking more along the lines of including the link in the header of the 'Recent Videos' page (http://videoblogging.info/videos). Not a big deal, though. > The button points to <URL:http://videoblogging.info/ping/?mode=__rss&gt; and > that's the URL of the feed. Is the feed not working for you or? After Jay replied to my message, I re-checked the link. You're right, the RSS feed is there. I was misled, because my browsers (Windows: Firefox, IE6) won't actually open the feed. However, I discovered that I can download the feed and open it in a text editor. The source of the problem, I think, is how you linked to the RSS file. Most of the time, the browser can see the .xml or .rss extension, so it knows that it *can* open the feed. Again, this is not a big deal, because the link is readable by news aggregators. It's just different than what I normally see. Thanks again, -Rick