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Re: [videoblogging] why volg?

By Jay dedman | Jay dedman <jay.dedman@...> | kinshasa2000
November 20, 2004 | Post #1890 | Topic #1889

>In 1999, I traveled across the US with a friend who made a website to whic= h we uploaded images >and text daily from the road =E2=80=93 > documenting = our trip for friends family and people we met along the way >(this is call= ed blogging now, HA!). >It was an amazing success. >Our families felt con= nected to us even when we were out of reach and random people we met were >= thrilled to be included in our 'internet magazine', and wrote to us as frie= nds. >We were astounded as the numbers of hits to the rose daily. >The in= ternet finally felt 'interactive' to us. yep...this is my feeling exactly.= in 2000, i quit my job to be a freelance journalist in Africa...the Congo.= I set up a website where i tried posting photos and videos and stories. it= was mildly successful in my mind...but making a website was way beyond my = means at the time. uploading photos and text was fairly easy...never did fi= gure out how to upload video. But it did make my Pop feel better reading ab= out me online in a place he thought was insanely dangerous. it made our wor= lds very close. so when Peter introdcued me to videoblogging 6 months ago.= .. i found what id always been looking for... an easy way to publish video.= RSS was just a HUGE bonus. now i can post video....and people can subscrib= e to it. fuck. for free. just for the record, i see a lack of tools to CRE= ATE VIDEO (i can record easy...the difficult part is editing and getting in= to a postable format) ...and a lack of a good viewing platform. (i want to = be able to see all videos in one place...like kenyatta's vogbrowseror a vid= eo iPod) ...and a need for more people joining in making video about their = lives. i know i know...we all see this stuff differently. this is just my a= ngle. its one thing for someone to text blog about their cat and what they= bought at the store.... its another thing to SEE and HEAR them say it and = do it. it may sound boring...but if youre a voyeur like me...its gravy. vid= eoblogging has got to get cooler and easier.