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Re: [videoblogging] Wired magazine

By Rick B. Rey | "Rick B. Rey" <rick@...> | vivarey
October 14, 2004 | Post #1371 | Topic #1367

Good timing on this article. Personally, I believe the Fair Use policy is too ambiguous and narrow when it comes to non-commercial uses of copyrighted material. It needs to be clarified, expanded, and updated. I believe in copyright law, but I also believe the Fair Use policy makes it virtually impossible for the average person to seek out and gain permission to use copyrighted work, even in a non-commercial environment. -Rick > A quickie: I'm writing an article for Wired magazine about permission > culture. I recently asked the studios and record companies for permission > to include a movie snippet or song in a home movie I was creating, and > they all either didn't answer or they said no. > > Which raises the question: Why should we need to obtain permission in the > first place? Historically, we've always borrowed from the culture around > us (as Larry Lessig and others have argued). As we move from a > text-centric world into a world of sounds and images, why should we have > to obtain permission before we're allowed to borrow even the tiniest > video clip or music sample for inclusion in, say, a home movie project? > > So I'm wondering whether anyone wants to be quoted to that effect. You > know, "I don't see why ... etc etc." > > I've got the other POV well represented, so just looking to balance the > piece. > > Would prefer a private email, but you can cc the list if you'd like. > > thanks! > > JD Lasica http://www.newmediamusings.com jd@... > > > > > > > Yahoo! Groups Links > > > > > > > >