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Re: [videoblogging] you keep the file that you want to share using BitTorrent

By Jay dedman | Jay dedman <jay.dedman@...> | kinshasa2000
October 17, 2004 | Post #1397 | Topic #1389

correct. creation and posting of videos is the most important part of this. without the videos, who cares about ditsribution. yes, we need a simple all-in-one videoblogging tool that edits, compresses and posts. but its also about individuals wanting to make videos. i mean, its possible now...but very few people are videoblogging regularly. i struggle with why this is........ about bit torrent. why be afraid of people downloading files off your computer? making your computer the server is the answer. what's the worry exactly? its great if you have huge monthly bandwidth and storage... but as Eric Rice admits....you can never have enough when hundreds/thousands of people are downloading your work. but with Torrents, the more poeple who are part of the network...the faster the download...and NO ONE loses out on bandwidth. its really the logic we want to follow. My cable modem is "always on"...so im using all of it. the problem right now, as Josh Kinsberg can attest, is the ease of use. its very easy to download a torrent using Azureus. Its next to impossible to figure out (for me) how to create a torrent out of a video, post it to my blog, and "seed" it so other people can download it. But we're working on that problem. So maybe Steve is just worried about the openness of the system...anyone can pull files off your computer... so make a closed network, like the one between my TV station, MNN, and a community Tv station in Lowell MASS. here is a very practical use of Bit Torrent. called "Digital Bicycle". http://10speed.ltc.org/2004/10/community-media-review-digitalbicycle.html our two stations are going to use bit torrent to trade 28-minute TV shows. once we get it to work, we'll get other community stations to join the network. but it wont be open to the public...by invite only. yet....the effect will be evry powerful. up till now, the only way community Tv stations could trade programs is through snail mail. again, the tools are here...its the ease of use that we're working on. Jay