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Re: [videoblogging] you keep the file that you want to share using BitTorrent

By Rick B. Rey | "Rick B. Rey" <rick@...> | vivarey
October 18, 2004 | Post #1400 | Topic #1389

> my cable company gives me an always-on connection. > could they stop me from sharing files...as long as they are not > copyrighted? Some providers are starting to put a cap on the amount of data you can transfer per month (e.g. 25-30GB). > i spent the better part of the day using iPodder to download > everything and listen. > most of it sucked. This is an important point. We can learn a lesson from this. If podcasters are more concerned about technology and ease of use than content, people will lose internet and the trend will die. Don't let that happen to us. We should think beyond the technology and focus on content issues too. Video has an advantage over audio. It's more engaging. People consume it more readily. Podcasting is a stepping stone to videoblogging. The bandwidth is there. The storage capacity is there. Compression technologies are there. But, we still need to tackle fundamental issues. e.g. What makes a "good" video blog? Why are we drawn to it? What can we offer that people can't get from other mediums? How should we organize our videos? How should we package them? How should we distribute them? From what I've read, a lot of progress has already been made in these areas. But as someone who's still new to all this, I'm still struggling with a very basic problem: I don't know which direction to take with my video blog. I know that I WANT to broadcast, but I'm not sure exactly WHAT I want to broadcast. I suspect other people have the same problem. I know that "Internet Video Broadcasting" has a bright future, and we're there at the beginning. It's exciting when you think about it. -Rick