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Re: [videoblogging] you keep the file that you want to share using BitTorrent

By Adrian Miles | Adrian Miles <adrian.miles@...> | adrianlmiles
October 18, 2004 | Post #1403 | Topic #1389

On 18/10/2004, at 3:34 PM, Jay dedman wrote: > huh, id like someone to answer this. > my cable company gives me an always-on connection. > could they stop me from sharing files...as long as they are not > copyrighted? yes, most isp's constrain the amount you can send back up channel. In australia you generally can't serve (via http for eg) via your cable service. if you do that they treat you as 'commercial' (yet another instance of the telco's complete misreading of network technologies). no idea what thhey're going to do about torrents and podcasting, but you don't get same back up as down and usually there are limits. cheers Adrian Miles +++++++++++++++++++++ http://hypertext.rmit.edu.au/vog/vlog/