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Re: Whatsup kids?

By randomdevo | "randomdevo" <randomdevo@...> | randomdevo
November 12, 2004 | Post #1782 | Topic #1773

Thanx for checkin it out! I use FCP4 on a 17" powerbook. Used a PDX10 to shoot in "native" 16:9 (hooked on it) and used some old Nevada DOE quicktimes I had lying around from AIRLAB to add the small vid segment that moved across the top and bottom, this was the most time consuming part (I moved each little clip over approx. 35pixels manually with the arrow keys in the canvas window). The only real FX I used were the "fisheye" filter and I placed it as close to over my mouth as possible and the "color correction" filter (cuz it's gotta look good you know). Aloha, randy --- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, "geek_jihadi" <ro@t...> wrote: > > > Just put up my first videoblog page, you can check it out at: > > > > http://www.randomdevelopments.com/videoblog/videoblog.html > > Wow! That's so hiqual and so slick. Very professional looking. Mine look like I'm in a third world by comparison =) > > What tools did you use to do the editing? I wonder if I could do some of those fx too... > > Ro > > geek jihadi: http://tigerbliss.com