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Re: Who else wants to join?

By contactmica | "contactmica" <contactmica@...> | contactmica
June 23, 2004 | Post #89 | Topic #81

--- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, "petertheman" <peter@p...> wrote: > Come on people! Who else wants to post a little video today and join > videoblogging week? Go on. It's easier than it looks, and don't worry > about the movies being bad, that's ok. The point is to just get > posting. Just do it. Make a video while you're reading this message > of yourself, and post that! We're videoblogging geeks, we like > *everything*. > > Peter - heya- im really enjoying watching/reading all this my first instinct is to jump in and give feedback about what i am seeing in terms of content/structure also eager to try my out own ideas and get your responses but i can be the example of an adverage person honestly it is too difficult for me im lost i dont even feel justifeid in being more than an observer here this weekend i will give my ibook some love and try to figure out a very simple way for someone as utterly clueless as me to put even some very short, low-res moving image s up on internet on a day-to-day basis more than likely ill be very frustrated and need some serious handholding i set my self to this task about a year ago all i did was use 'fetch' to ftp quick time files into my website via my very slo dial up connection it didnt take long to upload and they dont take long to view but never got to a point where i had a system for doing it regularly - click-click click maybe for the time being videoblogging is for the 'geeks' or the more tech savy, lets say.