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By Andrew Baron | "Andrew Baron" <videoblogyahoo@...> | hamletphase
November 11, 2004 | Post #1766 | Topic #1766

Hi, my name is Andrew Baron and I have been waiting far too long for this day. I have been involved heavily with weblogs over the last couple of years and have also always created artisticly with music and video on computers (esp on the hardware end). Over the last six months, I have been setting up my life and my game plan to videoblog full time and that time has just begun. With the incredible and unrelenting support of my coconspirators, Amanda Congdon and Josusa Kinberg, on monday the three of us will begin our regular format of posting video three minutes a day, every morning at 8am, five days a week from there on out. The primary focus is on presenting local nyc culture along with commentary and pointed information on internet culture. In other words, a weblog in video format. You can see what we have put together so far and get a very good sense of the format with videos from the last two weeks (quicktime 6 mpg4 compression required at the moment (hope to have flash as default and other formats embedded this weekend)). It would be great to get your comments and opinions to consider before monday. http://www.rocketboom.com I have already met a few of you (thanks to Kenyatta in a big way for his support and also thanks to Webjay I'm going with flash (best suggestion i have heard ever)) and look forward to getting involved in the discussions and creative forces. Our production may seem too much like tv for you, though I have not had a tv in over ten years and our emphasis is on entertaining, creative content, where the sky is the limit. A fortunate locale here in new york city is great too. The production seems to be getting better with time. The greatest challenge and the most fun for me personally is creating something out of nothing. Cheers, Andrew