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seeking vlog submissions

By alan | alan <akb@...> | akbakb2000
July 20, 2004 | Post #363 | Topic #363

Hi, At a couple people's request I've added a "personal" section for vloggers to the video aggregator site that I run. The site accepts submissions through a web form, where they go into a queue. The site's registered users vote on submissions in the queue and after a set period of time the score that it has achieved determines whether it makes it to the site and how prominently it appears. So, please submit your own or other's video bloggings that you find interesting and register to vote on others' work. To get things started I submitted a few video blogs that I've found interesting, you can see what I've got so far: http://demandmedia.net/section/personal Overall the audience of the site is lefty political, so I expect that most "personal" submissions will not get voted onto the front page but to the section page. I hope this serves as a good way to give interesting personal video blogging more exposure. alan http://demandmedia.net/ Collaborative Video Blog