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some thoughts

By Eli Chapman | "Eli Chapman" <opensourcefood@...> | opensourcefood
June 15, 2004 | Post #15 | Topic #15

Hi Jay. Hi Adrian. Hello everyone else. I'll be poking around and jumping into the middle of things. Based on what Peter and Jay, Adrian, and Yaron have been doing/talking about, I see three types of tools/technologies for videoblogging emerging: 1. Those that extend the functionality of the web (and existing web- based software/systems/formats/standards/formats) to make it easier (more natural) to link to, reference, and share already digitized/encoded/hosted video. 2. Those that augment (or replace) existing desktop production tools to expedite the camera to videoblog process. 3. Those that make video distribution cheaper and easier, and provide videobloggers with control over quality and perhaps even audience. In addition, there is an exploration going on into the language of videoblogging, of which Adrian has written and explored for quite some time. Adrian's use of vogs for personal expression demonstrates a significant path for the medium. We can look at the shape of blogs to see where this path can lead (i.e., group blogs, topic blogs, link blogs (reblogs), cross blog conversations, blog search, blog aggregators, etc...) Also, we can look at the evolution of film as an expressive medium to see potential directions (i.e., cinema verite, mockumentary, genre films, pseudo-reality, etc...). Perhaps we might say that the language of videoblogs is anything we want, with the provision that the videoblog must communicate or enable communication (conversation). The problem I have with videoblogging (a problem I'm intent on solving) is that it is not a natural extension of what I do with a camera and computer. Text-based blogging is. I browse the web, I read blogs, I link, I comment, I post. We were all doing it before blogging existed, whether for ourselves, or on message boards, in email, or in word docs. For videoblogging to be this natural, all the video sources I consume and produce daily need to be available (permalinked) for easy reference and annotation. That means films, tv, dvds, and tapes. Then, when 1000s of videobloggers are doing the same, the network of reference and usage and personality will emerge. I look forward to participating in the group. -Eli (in New York)