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Taking my videos down (Freeplay Music discussion)

By Erin Nealey | "Erin Nealey" <schmee@...> | erinnealey
August 5, 2005 | Post #19008 | Topic #19008

From: Stephanie Bryant <mortaine@...> Date: Thu Aug 4, 2005 9:50 am Subject: Re: [videoblogging] Re: Freeplay Music: Warning Erin, this whole discussion has really helped me, actually. I am not a Freeplay Music user. If I were, at this point I would consider such a letter to be a Cease & Desist order, take down the offending music, and let them take me to court if they really needed the $200. ------------ Hey all, I hate to be keeping this discussion lingering around but wanted to let everyone know what's going on. In regards to what Stephanie wrote, and what others have said on and off list to me.. I've started to wonder if maybe I am being too apologetic about this whole thing. (Truth is, I've always been that way, and am quick to take blame and apologize for things in order to keep peace and avoid confrontation). Anyway, after talking extensively with my husband about this.. we have decided not to pay the entire amount to Freeplay Music. To be fair, I am going to offer to pay for the music as if it were pro-rated for a year. This afternoon, I will be taking down all my videos containing complete selections of Freeplay Music (6 in total). They will still be on the archive, but I will be requesting they be removed from there as well. Anyone know who best to contact at IA to do this? Could IA get in trouble as well for continuing to host them? I would hate for that to happen. I keep wrestling with myself as to if I am doing the right thing or not... but I have heard from more people who are of the opinion that I should not pay. I would gladly pay the money if 1)they didn't make it so easy for people to make a mistake. You don't even have to read the terms in order to download the music. Even when you do read the terms, anyone could make the mistake of reading "Private Non-Commercial Use (Non-revenue generating or associated)" and stop there, thinking they were safe. In my opinion, a much better way of making sure people weren't abusing this is to have someone register on the site and have them actually check a box that says they "agree" to terms. 2)The name, in and of itself, is misleading. For most ways this music is used, it isn't free at all. You see the name "Freeplay Music" and can immediately start downloading. Not a great idea if you ask me. Anyway, not that anyone will probably care... but a lot of my most recent videos will exist no more. I will probably try and fix them and eventually re-vlog them, but I'd rather be focused on posting some new content for now. If someone from IA can get in touch with me off list... I can give you the list of videos I need to have removed. Sorry if this is a hassle. I just don't want anyone else to get in trouble. Erin Nealey Mom's Brag Vlog nealey.blogspot.com