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Test my Vidget

By David Wolf | David Wolf <dpwolf@...> | dpwolf3000
July 12, 2004 | Post #292 | Topic #292

Hello all, I've developed a little VJ application which works in Quicktime. It lets the user load, combine and manipulate up to three video loops in real time. It'd be great to see what people think and hear how it runs on different systems (I haven't tested it on Windows yet). I guess its is a form of video blogging and most of the techniques I've used could be applied to more traditionally bloggy material. Its a very early draft so don't be put of by the ugly confusing interface :-) http://hypertext.rmit.edu.au/~dpwolf/blogarchive/000221.html This should explain how it works but please feel free to email me if its not working for you. Cheers David