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the different types of video blogs

By kenyatta cheese | kenyatta cheese <minitrue@...> | yattacheese
July 15, 2004 | Post #337 | Topic #337

Hey ya'll. Just lead a videoblogging workshop at Eyebeam in NYC last night. Loads of fun. We spoke for hours about the filmic medium and respect for the formats of yore and why everyone should learn analog editing before even touching digital. (j/k, by the way.) One thing we /did/ do was talk about how video blogging doesn't all look the same. This was necessary b/c a lot of people seemed to still think that all text blogs were the same. I ended up presenting three types of video blogs that I've seen described around the web. Still waiting on The Dane for his definition of video blogging, though. :) Anyhoo, here are the three general types of v/b I presented last night. I'd love to get your feedback on them, see if there's anything you'd add to this, anything you'd change. And if you're up for a quick read, here are the rest of my pre-workshop notes, yet to be updated: http://kenyattacheese.net/braintag/000997.php thx. -kc. http://www.unmediated.org > Types of Video Blog > > Much like text blogging can be a two sentence post or a 2000 word rant, > videoblogging also takes different forms. Here are three types. (Props to Jon > Hoem's "Videoblogs as Collective Documentary") > > moblog (mobile blogging) - stream of consciousness. - captured on the fly. - > related to photoblogging. capture a moment, a raw thought as opposed to a well > formed idea. usually from mobile devices and webcams. (Michael Cossarwal?, > vidblogs.com) > > vog (video blog) - well produced, well structured. video captured and edited > before distribution. may include titles, transitions, music, and other > elements to make the video richer. May use traditional media production > techniques. It's a well formed video blog. (Adrian Miles, Steve Garfield, > Michael Cossarwal, Jay Dedman) > > revog (reblogged) - well prepared video blog. references something found on > web, uses web source as content. Not edited, more like a screen capture. > (browsetv)