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Themed collaborative project – LET'S DO IT!

By Felicia Sullivan | Felicia Sullivan <fms@...> | felicia_sullivan
November 10, 2004 | Post #1745 | Topic #1745

Folks, It's been a couple of days and I'm just now working through the digests for the list discussion. The 60 second Christmas/ question / ideas / theme / -of-the-week/day/month /now Kind of project seems to have some interest. I'm not so clear on how all of this would work. Have to admit I'm in the process of buying a digital camera to test out this sort of stuff in order to bypass the editing / video camera thing. What are the obstacles? Posting / space / continuity? Seems others here have more of a clue than I do. Jay, you indicated the last attempt at this resulted in a stalled project. Perhaps if we get commitments from folks up front. X number of us agree to have a piece on topic complete by Y day ready for remixing. How many folks are on the list? Who would commit to a group project with a set deadline? Seems if we just try to do something and hold each other accountable we might get somewhere. (NOTE: I have a tendency to "sound" kinda of bossy in email so check me on it). Have two more digests to read, so apologies if I'm proposing stuff others have already suggested. - Felicia