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vBlog Alpha tests

By contactmica | "contactmica" <contactmica@...> | contactmica
August 13, 2004 | Post #673 | Topic #667

Thanks for all the feedback on this subject. having the exeperience of using/seeing these formats and getting the explanations at the same time is very helpfulto me - getting a better understanding, hopfullt will help me improve on my work. a question- i selected a download option once for the 'alpha's' but it no lognger asks me if i can get the option to come up up ill try each to see the difference. i am yes, using Quicktime ( I really love QT) but-get this, my work computers arent even on OXS!!! (im in the tricky process of negtotiating major upgrades($) with my boss) I will experiment with QT pteferences on my laptop and report back. Keep up all the kick ass work m ---- Hello? a videoblog studio http://publicaddress.typepad.com --- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, "M. Sean Gilligan" <seanlist@m...> wrote: > Hi Mica, > > >so what program/compression situation is it that you are using > >to post the video there? > > He's using the vBlog Central alpha-test version. > > Hmm. I'm guessing you're playing back with QuickTime. The current compression settings for vBlog Central are not producing the quality of QuickTime we would like, and we will be updating them shortly. (There is a tradeoff between visual quality and bandwidth and I think we erred on the side of reducing bandwidth utilization too much.) > > We also have QuickTime currently set to use a "true streaming" format so that may explain why the playerbar behaves differently than what you expected. We will be changing the QuickTime setting to use "progressive download" as our Real and Windows Media settings currently do. There are many applications where "true streaming" is preferred, but given the feedback I've gotten from folks on this list, vblogging is not one of them. > > > > also > >doesnt allow me to use the playerbar to watch part of it over > >again - > > You should be able to do this with a streaming movie. In face, one of the advantages of true streaming for long movies is that you can skip ahead into a long movie before that part would have been downloaded. > > > its like it has to reload everytime i move it? weird. > >i want to try something diffrent to make my videos open quicker. > > What kind of Internet connection are using? Do you mind checking if the QuickTime "Instant-on" feature is enabled? > > In the QuickTime Control Panel (Windows) or Preferences Panel (Mac OS X) in the "Connection" tab there is a button labeled "Instant On...". Click on the button, check the "Instant On" checkbox and experiment with different values of the Immediately<->Short Delay slider. If you have a good net connection you should be able to "seek" around in a streaming movie almost as easily as in an (already downloaded) progressive download movie. > > Regards, > > Sean > -- > --------------------------------------------------------------------------- > M. Sean Gilligan : 831-466-9788 x11 > Catalla Systems, Inc. > ---------------------------------------------------------------------------