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video comments

By Jay dedman | Jay dedman <jay.dedman@...> | kinshasa2000
October 24, 2004 | Post #1485 | Topic #1060

I see that Andreas has fixed the video comments. check out this re-reblogged post from Lucas Gonze's website. (the links are both here) http://www.unmediated.org/archives/2004/10/vidversation.php has anyone seen this? now to figure out how to best use them. so if you want to send a video comment... make a video, post it as usual, then go here .... http://www.solitude.dk/ping/client.php?method=pingback.extensions.getPingbacks&target=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.solitude.dk%2Farchives%2F20040926-1712%2F&source=&getContent=on&result=HTML&submit=Make+Request (need a shorter URL) use the pulldown menu to choose what URL to comment on..and which video is commenting. i guess somehow the person will know Ive commented? Jay