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video compression

By Andrew Baron | "Andrew Baron" <videoblogyahoo@...> | hamletphase
November 20, 2004 | Post #1867 | Topic #1867

I'm feeling like our videos are compressed with sour milk. I thought I had this going pretty well, but even in the one year that has elapsed since I last visited the issue, and what I could figure out on my own research in the last couple of weeks, I'm sorry. One thing I just now noticed was that I can play .wmv files in my real player so the .rm files are out the door. Also, here is a great article weblog entry on Real. http://jogin.com/weblog/archives/2004/02/29/real_obnoxious I think a great thread would be a thread where we all posted the compression method that we used, down to every last possible setting and a link to the file so we could see the results. Or, will someone step forward with a strong opinion about it and tell us what they use? Or refer us to the message if you have already posted about it in the past?