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VideoBlog finally working

By Corey Kronengold | "Corey Kronengold" <ckronengold@...> | ckronengold
October 6, 2004 | Post #1347 | Topic #1347

Well, after messing around with GreyMatter and finally settling in with WordPress, I got down to business in getting my video streaming solution to work. As it turns out, I was misunderstanding the javascript that I had put on my page (within the post) which was only opening a new window. I had though that I was going to serve the video into that window, but hadn't changed the scripts on the new window page to call the video from my streaming server. so, after much fiddling, bouncing back and forth from greymatter to wordpress (and ultimately realizing that it probably didn't matter which one I used) and getting a little bit more understanding of PHP (which wordpress uses), I'm good to go. so, be on the lookout for some fresh video content and commentary. until I get the layout and look right, i'm leaving the site at http://www.theviewfrommysofa.com//wordpress/ when I finally get the look right, i'll move it straight to the main domain. In the meantime, there's two test posts up there, each with an image. when you click on the image it will call video content. time to get editing. thanks to everyone on this list who provided info, insight and encouragement.