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[videoblogging] Re: Who else wants to join?

By Åsmund Garfors | =?iso-8859-1?Q?=C5smund_Garfors?= <st06371@...> | agarfors
June 24, 2004 | Post #102 | Topic #81

Hello >Come on people! Who else wants to post a little video today and join >videoblogging week? Go on. It's easier than it looks, and don't worry OK, my first post. Act more, think less. Thanks for kickstarting me ;) But first an introduction. I'm a 24yo master student at The University of Bergen, Norway. My goal is to be able to post videos in a blog by uploading in a web form, (and some other stuff less relevant here). My idea/vision is to make the number of steps go down, not just from 9 to 8. I want people to be able to 1. Film with whatever device 2. Transfer the video from the device to the computer 3. Use a web form: Browse to choose video file to upload, type in text, push "Upload" button. Done. I understand some of you want to make a stand-alone application for this. For the experienced user, that is probably better. But for the novice, a web approach is IMO (at first) easyer and quicker, but involves some obvious limitations. * The server must be able to accept a lot of different codecs, formats and so on * The server must be fast and be able to encode in a chosen common format - preferrably all video files should be converted using the same parameters (resolution, fps, codec, etc.) * The user have to upload quite big files, depending on which codec and resolution his/her device uses * What about editing? Look at this: http://infodesign.no/diablog/index.php?p=132&more=1&c=1. You make small clips, and then you se whatever clips you like to make a longer movie, sewn together with SMIL. In this way you can also easily use just a couple of seconds from a "long" clip by using tags telling where to start and stop. I'm looking into command-line tools like mencoder (http://www.mplayerhq.hu), ffmpeg, transcode, and so on for making this doable. It works "out of the box" for some cameras, but I guess I need to install more codecs and tweak settings for making it work with as many devices as possible. Almost forgot, here's a link to my (v)blog: http://submission.intermedia.uib.no/oscillating/ (If anyone is having trouble getting web storage for videos/other, I might be able to help.) -- �smund