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visions of the future

By Deirdré Straughan | =?iso-8859-1?q?Deirdr=E9_Straughan?= <lists@...> | deirdrebs2002
September 16, 2004 | Post #1199 | Topic #1199

Anyone here read David Brin? <http://www.davidbrin.com/&gt; He's best known as= a science fiction author. In "Kil'n Time" he talks about the "world eye,= " in which there are video cameras basically everywhere, both for public se= curity and in the hands of the public. "Privacy" as we know it today is mor= e or less dead (along with its corollary, shame), and it's hard for governm= ents and companies, no matter how large and powerful, to get away with very= much for very long. In "Earth," one vignette sticks in my mind: an old ma= n makes friends with a group of young street toughs, talking to them about = their lives and his own life. The boys find out later that all the time he = was videotaping them through a camera mounted on his glasses. He edits the = interviews into a video which becomes very popular and is widely circulated= on the web, I don't remember whether this is monetized or not. best rega= rds, Deirdr=E9 Straughan http://www.straughan.com