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By The Dane | "The Dane" <thedaneof5683@...> | thedaneof5683
July 14, 2004 | Post #323 | Topic #323

Yo, 'sup. That's lingo I picked up from life on the street in the OC. You know how it is in "the hood." Anyway, introductions... My name is The Dane and I am a vidblogger. After blogging for three years, things began to seem slightly stale (to myself if not also to my longtime readers). Therefore, I decided to expand in a different direction and so began to offer brief snips of video (from my Sony Mavica - yeah, it records to floppy!) to enhance the overall experience of my site. Never having heard of video blogging before, I decided to call what I was doing vidblogging (real inventive, I know). In retrospect, I probably ought to have called them oblogs (following convention, if web logs are blogs, then it serves reason that video weblogs should be oblogs - or at the least, ologs, which doesn't sound nearly so cool). So. For five months I wasn't at all aware of any other videobloggers out there. Comfortable in my isolation, I plodded along offering my one-minute clips (remember, I record to floppy) and simply doing exactly what I wanted to do with them. My one great disappointment was that I had no adequate means of editing my video - I tried Quicktime but it was bouncing my filesizes from 1.4 MB all the way up to 15-30 MB. Eventually I hit on the idea of using Flash MX, but just before this, I discovered that there really were other vidbloggers out there. Through back-tracking a Google link, I found Justin's vidblogs.com and realized that there was a whole world of vidblogging that was vastly different than my own. These guys had large, slick, edited projects. I had small, pixellated things with no editing at all. Initially, I was intimidated with what could be done with a vidblog. These were focused on presentation, of sound, on aesthetics. Mine were basically cheap humour. Then I realized that though our content was entirely different, we were each fulfilling a necessary corner of the vidblogging realm (I mean how sad a world would it be if all movies were The Godfather but there were no Holy grails or Zoolanders?). Nowadays, I usually edit a couple clips together in Flash MX and use Action Scripting to add features like a preloader - for poor saps on dial-up - and navigation buttons at the end that function kinda like dvd menus, allowing access to bonus material like deleted scenes etc. On the whole Flash works really well for my needs - though it can be a bit spotty on synching audio and video if you're not careful. Oh yeah, you can check out my vidblogs at http://nowheresville.us/medi.php